Coronavirus: To gym or not to gym?

A conundrum to ponder upon.

Exercise makes you feel better, helps you fight off infection, and, in fact, some research suggests it improves immunity, as well.

Well, exercise in general can be done anywhere, but for many of us it is synonym to the gym. The one place to go when you need to bang out a few, burn that fat and get in shape.

But with the coronavirus outbreak, governments across the world are asking the public to avoid gatherings, limit body contact, and to go on hygiene overdrive (wash your hand with soap, whatever, whenever – and rightly so).

The gym, of course, is a prime location for sweaty people to hangout, high-five and chest bump each other. So if you’re feeling a little hesitant in visiting the gym in these circumstances, we don’t blame you.

But if you still want to troop ahead, here’s some goddamn advice (in no particular order):

  • Go in, do your thing, and get the hell out. Don’t linger around looking at your phone for no reason.
  • Sanitize everything before and after your use. Yes, wipe down whatever you use – be courteous to those after you. After all, your chances of getting infected are less when the community is strong.
  • Sit on a towel. Don’t use said towel on your face afterward.
  • No hands on face. Yuck.
  • Stay away from sniffling, coughing idiots. Those motha’s shouldn’t be in the first place. Asshats.
  • Not misanthropy, but a general distancing from others in the gym is safe right now.
  • Don’t jump in between someone’s sets. Let them finish their thing… unless you fancy some germ exchange.
  • Don’t use those filthy yoga mats. Not even during non-corona times.
  • Don’t barefoot it. Fuck no.
  • Follow the once only rule. Wear your clothes once, wash your clothes immediately. Don’t go “It’s not funky! I can wear it tomorrow.” Funk is the last thing you should be worried about.
  • Shower. With soap. Yes, it’s important.
  • No touching. No high-fiving. Even if you personal best it.
  • Don’t leave sweat puddles for the rest of the gym to admire.
  • Avoid sweat-flying-everywhere group classes.
  • Wear gloves. In fact, buy a few. Wear once, wash after.

That’s it – for now.

To gym or not to gym? Well, that’s for you to decide.